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AFB1 (Aflatoxin B1) HRP

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Product Description
This product is Aflatoxin B1 to Horse radish peroxidase (HRP). It is useful as an antigen-labeled peroxidase paired with the anti-Aflatoxin antibody in a direct ELISA.
 Structure of the AFB1-HRP Conjugates
500 µg/mL in 50% glycerol with 1% BSA or lyophilized powder.
Afaltoxin B1 methylcarboxyloxime linked to HRP via amine acylation. AFB1/HRP molar ratio:1:1.
OD50 ELISA titer for  AFB1-HRP is approximately 0.1 µg/mL in plate immobilized with 0.5 µg/mL of monoclonal anti-AFB1.  OD signal was 95% inhibited by 5 ng/mL of free AFB1 from 0.1-1 ng/mL.
ELISA: suggested use concentration: 0.1-0.5  ng/mL. Gold colloid: to be optimized by users.
Storage & Stability
Product is stable for at least 30 days at room temperatures and for one year  when stored at –20ºC. Expiration date is 6 months from date of shipping if properly stored.