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Progesterone Antibody, HRP

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CN1017 100 μg $375.00



Product Description
This antibody was developed using progesterone 3-(O-carboxymethyl) oxime-KLH conjugates as the immunogen and affinity purified with progesterone-agarose affinity chromatography and competitively eluted by free progesterone. The antibody was conjugated to horse radish peroxidase (HRP) via reductive amination. The antibody conjugates could be utilized for the detection and quantization of free progesterone.
Direct competitive inhibition ELISA using immobilized anti-progesterone (3 µg/mL), and progesterone-labelled HRP (100 ng/mL). 50% inhibition occurred at 5 ng/mL of free progesterone under non-optimized conditions.
Structure of the Progesterone HRP Conjugate
0.5 mg/ml in PBS, 10mg/mL BSA with 50% glycerol
The antibody recognizes free progesterone.
Progesterone-3(O-Carboxymethyl) Oxime-NHS active ester, via an acylation reaction
Progesterone/HRP molar ratio, approximately 3:1
Direct ELISA
Scientific Description
Progesterone is a C-21 steroid hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy (supports gestation) and embryogenesis of humans and other species. Progesterone belongs to class of hormones called progestogens, and is the major naturally occurring human progestogen.
Storage & Stability
Store product at –20ºC.  Expiration date is six months from date of shipping if properly stored.